Unique Engagement Rings with Simon Wright

Every relationship is different and will be completely unique to your partnership, so finding an engagement ring that encapsulates everything you feel for each other in a high-street store is probably not going to happen. While using the high-street for other purchases is a smart and obvious choice, engagement rings London and wedding rings are on a different level altogether, so it should be a time to invest in the best and use the expertise of a craftsman like Simon Wright.

The Simon Wright experience is everything you could hope to gain from going for the personal touch, instead of the generic stylings of the high street, as he will work closely with you each step of the way to ensure that all the ideas you have when picturing the perfect proposal are brought to life in an utterly unique ring. This will all begin by talking in length with Simon about what you envisage, which will then lead him on to the development of various conceptual sketches that put these plans to the page.

A master of his craft with skills that have been honed in both the United Kingdom and Australia, he is fully understanding that a sketch, no matter how intricate, cannot provide all the detail you require to make your final choice. As such he will then go on to will utilise several more advanced methods which will give you an all-encompassing idea of what the finished ring will look like, including computer generated images and models in wax, resin and silver.

This meticulous attention to detail is what defines the work of Simon Wright, and it will result in the unique benefit of having created something that is like no other ring on the market, and is completely in tune with what you were originally hoping for. After taking this unique step in your way to married life with engagement rings London, you can both be trusting that Simon Wright is the jeweller to design and create your wedding bands.

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