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Emma Soulsby Collaboration

In April this year we were fortunate enough to once again collaborate with the incredibly talented florist, Emma Soulsby at a decidedly fun and vibrant shoot for the luxury wedding blog, B.LOVED. The shoot, which was primarily to showcase Emma’s show-stopping ‘Moongate’ floral designs, was brought to life by our engagement rings and the work of several other wedding professionals.  A favourite of ours had to be this sumptuous four-tiered wedding cake engineered by West London’s Angus de Sucre and the critically acclaimed cake designer Reshmi Bennett. However, we were also bowled over by the meticulous detail in Kate Edmondson’s wedding dresses.



Photographed by bridal couture and wedding photographer, Amanda Karen, this composed medley of creativity and timeless style features several of our bespoke creations including engagement rings, pendants and earrings.



This 18 kt yellow gold  ring boasts a glistening 0.79 ct round cut yellow sapphire centre stone surrounded by intricate petals comprised of 12 round brilliant cut diamonds. We’ve called this piece the Yellow Floral Sapphire. This piece is particularly breath-taking. The metals used in the stone settings have been manipulated in a way that recreates the visual delicacy of a flower’s petals whilst clutching a shimmering yellow sapphire that emulates a radiant central disc, similar to that of a daisy.

Natural forms can be mimicked on such a small scale but this piece describes a more contemporary take on an organic design. This ring is clearly a standout piece – starlight yellows and contrasting mill-grain brilliant cut round diamonds in a remarkable halo of white and yellow gold petals. The image to the right shows our ring off alongside Emma’s arrangement and one of Kate Edmondson’s elegantly woven wedding dresses.



Two of our stunning diamond drop pendant necklaces were gracefully modelled on this shoot. The first of which is our three-tier platinum Triptych pendant. Graduating pear shape diamonds flow over a detailed lace Florentine neckline ending in a 1.09ct diamond. The pendant belongs to a set with matching earrings. This is a special piece and one of the more valuable at the shoot.

We’ve named the second of our pendant and earring sets exhibited at Emma’s shoot the Peony Collection. As the pastel colours are an imitation of those of the flower’s, we think the name is fairly appropriate.

Each piece consists of a round brilliant cut pink diamond. Naturally pink diamonds are extremely rare and unlike almost all other coloured diamonds, very little is known about how they attain their rosy hue which makes this creation even more special. Click here to take a look at our selection of pendants


Our final piece used for the shoot was this deep blue sapphire settled amongst a halo of round and pear shape brilliant cut diamonds. The piece, which is set in platinum contrasts well against the white of a wedding and makes a statement whilst maintaining a sense of class and elegance. We’ve named this the Midnight sapphire. You can also see this particular dress and more of Kate Edmondson’s deigns on her website here.


Great British Brands

Great British Brands is billed as ‘the luxury bible’ for British products. Published annually by the exclusive Country & Town House magazine, its purpose is to recognise and promote the very best British brands and luxury goods. The publication features 150 of the top names in British luxury; from heritage brands that have earned their place in our nation’s history, to emerging brands that represent the new Britain: young, vibrant and world-class.

Photo Credit: Country & Town House

Simon Wright Jewellery has been selected as one of those brands, alongside names like Burberry, Alexander McQueen, Harrods and Jaguar. Great British Brands recognises high standards, respect for traditions and handcrafting skills. Attributes that together contribute to achieve what clients in the luxury market are looking for: unparalleled quality and a timeless elegance that resonates across generations.

Simon Wright Jewellery on Great British Brands 2018

Find out more about how we can bring our passion for quality craftsmanship to the design of your next piece of jewellery.

Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Awards 2018

This year Jenny had the privilege of being invited to the 2018 Goldsmiths Craft & Design Awards, a competition that rewards distinction in technical skills and creative design.

SWJ is a proud contributor to the event, and in the past Simon has volunteered his time to judge the CAD Presentation section of the competition.

Below are some pictures of the impressive pieces and beautiful venue:

Gold Award & winner in the Junior Diamond Mounters category

Silver Award in the Junior Diamond Mounters category.

Boodles Award Winner, Silver Award in the Jewellers  category and Bronze Award in the Senior Setters category.

Gold Award in the Junior Setters Category  & Silver Award in the Senior Setter category

The Golsmiths’ Hall in Central London.



The Great British Brands 2018 Party

On Wednesday 17th January we had the pleasure of attending the 2018 Country and Town House’s Great British Brand party at the stunning Hotel Cafè Royal on Regent Street.

For the past two years, Simon Wright Jewellery has been one of the 150 “British Success Stories” featured on the annual edition of the GBB publication, showcasing excellence in the various fields of British luxury.

We had some drinks with the Country and Town House team and had the chance to have a close look at the GBB cover dress. The dress is a bespoke piece created by Alice Temperley for the occasion and was auctioned during the event with all the profit going to charity.

We are already looking forward to next year’s party!!