Two Pieces From One

It wouldn’t be the first time that Simon Wright Jewellery has been approached by clients in search of incorporating a family heirloom into a new piece of jewellery or engagement ring.

Last year, a young couple came to us with a grandmothers beautiful pearl and diamond brooch, which had been passed down through the generations. This would be the perfect opportunity to incorporate a piece of personal history into their new engagement ring.


After having a design session with Simon, they felt it best to only use nine of diamonds which sat in the centre of the brooch, leaving the intricate diamond and pearl design that surrounded them, untouched.  This original formation of central diamonds would then be replicated in the new design, with small flourishes such as engraving, to pay tribute to the antique style.

Platinum was chosen for the central setting and 18ct yellow gold for the ornate shank, which has taken influence from the Edwardian era, when the original brooch is suspected to have been made. To emphasize all the work that went into the CAD designed shank, we used hand engraving to sharpen and define the edges. (See the finished ring here)


But the journey was not over yet. Left with the half empty shell  of the period brooch, Simon took on the challenge of creating a sparkling pendant for the clients parents, carrying on the life of the brooch even further.

Using the central empty settings that once held diamonds, Simon removed the long metal struts and pulled the outer halo toward the centre, creating a tighter version of the original design. In the centre, Simon filled the settings with new fresh water pearls.


It was a real joy to be able to create two separate pieces from one treasured item of jewellery. Both pieces showing characteristics of the original brooch and the era that it was made, yet with personal design touches, these paired with modern techniques such as CAD and 3D printing makes for a very successful vintage reproduction.

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