The Peony Collection

Set in platinum with two round brilliant cut diamonds and suspended between two larger inverted pear shape diamonds, pink diamonds add a touch of elegance to this peony collection.

The elusive pink diamond lends itself well to beautiful jewellery. The dominant piece here is a five-stone pendant, which is complimented by matching earrings.

Owing to its rarity, very little is known about the pink diamond other than that they are majoritiveley found in Australia, which makes this matching set exclusive by definition. The gemmological community is still unsure as to how the pink diamond attains it’s rosy hue. There are a few theories debating the cause of the pigment. The most respected of these is that the stress on the stone when it is formed within the Earth’s mantel causes the structure of the giant covalent lattice (i.e. the way the carbon atoms are arranged) to distort causing graining and pink colour zones. However, this is merely speculative and not founded upon concrete evidence.