The 4 C’s of Diamond Buying

When the time comes to take the next step in your relationship there are lots of things to consider, but surely the first thing on the list is to buy an engagement ring. Modern rings come in a wide range of styles, but there is one element that you can’t avoid and that’s the diamond.

If you feel a little out of your depth when it comes to choosing a diamond, don’t despair. Pay attention to the following key areas to help you buy an engagement ring worthy of the most important person in your life.


The unrivalled sparkle of a diamond is achieved through the cut. By carefully sculpting the right shape, light will be refracted around the different surfaces and back out again, giving your diamond the impression of an inner glow.


Believe it or not, natural diamonds appear in every colour of the rainbow so you could choose a diamond to suit any taste. The reason that white diamonds are by far the most popular comes from the idea of white being a pure colour. Anything above ‘G’ colour is going to look lovely and white.


This scale is based on the number of small imperfections that appear within the stone; from a small diamond crystal within the larger diamond, to carbon that hasn’t been converted into diamond. It’s all tested under the power of magnification of 10, so anything that is ‘Si’ clarity and above is going to look great to the naked eye.


In diamonds, carats are a measurement of weight, and because bigger diamonds are harder to find they become more expensive per carat as you move up the scale. This is the most easily quantified ‘C’ on the list, but don’t forget that two diamonds of the same carat can be very different prices depending on what else they’ve got going for them.

Here at Simon Wright Jewellery we specialise in offering expert advice to people looking for a truly unique engagement ring. By creating a beautiful ring from scratch you can be sure that you won’t have to compromise on any aspect of the design; with breathtaking results every time.

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