Our Step by Step Guide for Cleaning Your Jewellery

NOTE This only applies to diamond, Ruby and sapphire!! If you have any other stones in your jewellery, give us a call to help you with cleaning.

We often have our clients ask us how best to care for their jewellery and engagement rings.

Here is our super easy step by step guide to keeping good care of your rings and making them sparkle again!

Firstly, if your ring is really clogged then boil it lightly in a saucepan of water to help it on its way.

  1. Mix a small amount of dish washing liquid into warm water.
  2. Grab an old toothbrush (no, not your partners), and dip it into your mix of water and dish liquid,  brush it over the stones and metal, you can be relatively vigorous with this!
  3. Get the toothbrush behind the stone/s as much as you can, again you can be rough with this, dirt on the back of the stones is the reason they are looking a bit dull! (See below)
  4. Once you’ve done all of this, give the ring a rinse in plain water to get any left over soap out.
  5. Dry your ring with a non fibrous cloth, or a hairdryer which will make sure you have none of those pesky water marks.


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