Rising Gold Prices Make Platinum Wedding Rings a Popular Alternative

As the price of gold has continued to rise steadily for the last 12 years, more and more couples have been turning to platinum as an alternative material for their wedding and engagement rings. Platinum is one of the most precious metals on Earth, so it makes the ideal material to symbolise your relationship and your special day together.

So What’s so Special about Platinum?

Platinum is a white metal, but although at first glance it may appear to have similar colourings to silver or white gold, it is an altogether different material. Platinum is very dense, which gives it a characteristic weight that you will not find in other rings. It also has a level of purity that exudes a deep shine without becoming tarnished over time. Unlike silver, platinum is soft enough so that any scuffs or marks can be polished out easily.

There’s no doubt that platinum is an exclusive luxury item, so if you decide to make it an investment to pass down through your family, what could be more perfect than having a ring that is specially designed and completely unique to you?

Here at Simon Wright we specialise in creating bespoke wedding and engagement rings. Whether you prefer a traditional band or a more intricate design, a simple solitaire or a cluster of glamorous sapphires, we will work to realise your dreams from scratch.

When you meet with Simon for the first time he will discuss your ideas and start to draw out the designs for your ring. You can even visit the workshop where we utilise a combination of traditional jewellery making techniques and the latest cutting edge technology.

So if you’re interested in creating an irreplaceable emblem of your love that is truly one of a kind, call us on 020 7490 0665 to arrange a visit to our workshop in Clerkenwell, London.

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