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Wedding Trends, Statistics & Figures (Infographic)

For most people, tying the not with your loved one is one the happiest and most cherished moments you could ever experience in your life.

Well, maybe until they see how much a wedding and everything that comes with it costs!

On average, it cost £27,000 for a wedding in the UK in 2017 (that’s includes the full bells and whistles) and this figure is expected to rise to over £32,000 by 2028.

These figures include everything from venue costs, food, transport, decorations, engagement rings and, of course, the honeymoon.

It’s hardly a surprise that over 50% of couples asked for money as their wedding present – sensible move!

We decided to put together an infographic based around wedding trends, statistics, facts and figures. Take a look at our findings…

A day at the Gem-A HQ

The SWJ team was invited to an open evening hosted by The Gemmological Association of Great Britain and taking place on Monday 15th January at the of Gem-A London HQ, in the heart of the historic jewellery quarter.

The event consisted of a series of presentations by the CEO Alan Hart and the experienced Gem-A tutors who offered the chance of viewing different stones in the laboratory and learning how to recognize and be aware of “sneaky simulants”.

We really enjoyed the experience and had the chance of testing our knowledge: out of a bunch of fake diamonds, our skilled Jewellery Assistant Jenny spotted the only real diamond without hesitation!

Cheapside Hoard Reproduction

Hoard Reproduction

  Last year we launched our new Vintage Reproduction webpage, and ever since we have been inundated with your requests to create vintage and antique inspired jewellery. One of these requests was from Simon Collins of Gvild (contemporary furniture makers), a client who wanted to combine our CAD and 3D printing skills with his artistic flare and creative […]

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Sunflower Ring

Sunflower Creation


Being a bespoke jewellers can sometimes mean that there is a different making process compared to high street jewellers and retailers. As our previous and current customers will know, we use CAD design and 3D printers, bringing an age old trade into the 21st century, but we always use hand done techniques/finishes, assembly  and stone setting which allows a lot more attention to detail and adds a special touch.

SWJ has just recently finished a delicate but stunning Sunflower ring using a bright canary yellow sapphire as the centre. We just wanted to share with you a few renders and photos of our process, before and after. We are really happy with how this lovely little ring turned out and think it is a really special piece, we hope you agree!

Find it on our Coloured Stone Rings page here.

From Old To New

Every once in a while, the SWJ team will have a customer who would like a ring inspired by vintage pieces of jewellery that they own, often that have been passed down to them, from earrings to brooches . As SWJ often bases many of its designs on antique jewellery, this is always an enjoyable challenge, especially hearing about the family heirlooms story! This allows us to bring together the new and the old by using old design with new materials and techniques.

Earlier this year we had a customer who came to us with a gorgeous family brooch that had been handed down to him. It was extremely important to him to somehow incorporate this precious piece of jewellery into his future fiancés  engagement ring. Here is a little record of our process from antique heirloom to a sparkling new engagement ring!

Teddie leifer composit2

The beautiful antique brooch at the start!

teddie leifer composit4 teddie leifr composit3

Our customer showed us some design ideas that he particularly liked at one of Simon’s design discussions. An extremely important part of the process, especially when antique jewellery is involved. During the next few days and weeks ideas were discussed back and forth to ensure that SWJ made the perfect ring for our customer, both aesthetically and  structurally, all while keeping that lovely charm of the original piece.

And finally, the sparkling end result!! The SWJ team were pretty proud of this one. Whilst creating a new engagement ring, Simon managed to retain some of the brooches influence. As well as incorporating some little features such as the gorgeous filigree work underneath, to echo the era of the original piece.

Teddy Leifer composit1  Teddy Leifer composit