Microsoft 3D printing app for Windows

I’m still not convinced that 3D printing is going to be a technology that will change households. There’s loads of hype about how “soon you will be printing your own (insert whatever) in your own home!”.

Microsoft have released this app

Effective 3D printing still requires design skills, knowledge of the stresses that a product is going to be subjected to and if you are going to manufacture from the printed model you need to have an intimate knowledge of the manufacturing processes post rapid prototyping.

I can imagine people buying a 3D printer and being entertained by it for a few weeks. Then, that’s about it. How much stuff will you need to print in the average household? It’s too early yet to go shouting out that 3D printing is going to directly have an influence in your habits as a consumer.

I think it would have to take an instant print, like a photocopier, to have a profound effect.

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