London 3D Print Show

Jenny went to the London 3D Print Show:3D Printed Car

The most interesting piece for me was the 3D car, I had never seen  a car like the one they had on display and looks like this may be a new way of creating cars in the future.

For kids they have even created 3D pens where kids can draw a picture they like using the pen to extrude plastic straight onto a surface. You can build up a 3D object by layering the plastic on top of itself. It’s kind of like a hot glue gun, but with a variety of colours.

Another product that caught my attention was upstairs in the fashion area. Companies were producing clothing made from 3D printers, which I never thought would be possible to wear.

My favourite piece was a necklace. Compared to the other products on display it really stood out because of the simple CADCAM Jewellerybut effective detail on the necklace and the way it was layered in sections to wrap around the neck. It definitely was a statement piece.

There are so many 3D printers available, however, most of them produce models in the same type of material, with very few suitable for small scale pieces and lacking the resolution we need to produce bespoke engagement rings.


I also had a look at an art work that Simon sponsered through Kickstarter. Masters & Munn  created “Icarus had a Sister” for the show, and they won the Global Rising Star award for their piece. Was great to see something that we financially backed in the show, and for it to be a great success!

The printers we run here in our studio are the best for creating engagement rings in London, without having to send our designs away to me made by large companies with big rapid prototyping machines. We can print our models for the next day, so there’s no delay waiting for our custom engagement ring models to be posted back to us.

– Jenny Bassett

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