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How Do You Determine Your Ring Finger Size?

How Do You Determine Your Ring Finger Size?

Judging the perfect ring finger size can be somewhat of a minefield, and should never be left up to guess work. So whether you’re trying to find your own ring size or that of your partner, we’ve put together some easy tips to get an accurate measurement.

  1. Measure it with string

By far the easiest way to get your ring finger size is, of course, to measure it. At home you can simply use string or dental floss wrapped around the finger, marking where it meets and then measuring with a millimetre ruler. Make sure you don’t wind too tightly and test that you can get the loop over your knuckle. Finally, compare this measurement to a ring size chart to find the closest match – here in the UK it’s the letter measurement you should be looking for.

  1. Print out a ring sizer

If you’ve got a printer to hand, this cut-out ring belt sizer is so easy to use. Cut it out and simply wrap it around your finger. Using this method means that you don’t even need to convert the measurement – just be careful to check that it’s printed accurately to scale!

  1. Measure a ring you already have

Try other rings on your ring finger and see which is the closest match. You can then measure the diameter of this ring and use a chart to convert it to your ring size.


how do you determine your ring finger size

  1. Pop in to our workshop

The most accurate way to measure? Visit our workshop. If you’ve decided to have a bespoke ring made with us here in London, we can easily determine your ring finger size using our measurement tools to find the absolute perfect fit. We only offer this service to customers making a ring with us.

how do you determine your ring finger size

  1. How to determine ring size without your partner knowing

If your partner already wears jewellery on their ring finger, (even if it’s on the other hand), wait until they take it off and trace the inside and outside with a pencil. This can get you a pretty close match, though it’s likely to fluctuate a little between hands.

how do you determine your ring finger size

You can also enlist a married friend or family member to play the old ‘Let’s see how my ring looks on you’ game.  If all else fails, you could try looping a piece of string around their finger while they’re asleep. Although we don’t really recommend this as it could be a little creepy…! Just make sure it’s not wound too tightly; the ring should be able to move gently over her knuckle.

how do you determine your ring finger size


And finally – when in doubt, go bigger; it’s easier to size down than to size up. We offer ring resizing at our London workshop for rings that we have made – it only takes us half an hour to resize a ring, about ten minutes if it’s a plain wedding band.


Book your appointment to make a bespoke wedding ring now.



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