‘Gold’ at The Queens Gallery, Buckingham Palace


'Gold', The Queens Gallery

‘Gold’, The Queens Gallery

Last week, the lovely Jenny of SWJ visited the exhibition ‘Gold’, which opened earlier in November at The Queens Gallery, Buckingham Palace.

As it is such rare opportunity to see a collection of very special gold treasures from around the world in one room, it would be rude not to have a time out from our busy schedule to appreciate some of these beauties.

The attractive imperial staircase leads you up to the darkened gallery, where the walls are adorned with gold paintings, pots and more. The pieces range from The Rillaton Cup dating from the bronze age, to the rather ostentatious solid gold tray made by the Royal Goldsmith, Bridge & Rundell.

However out of the whole collection, the most impressive piece would easily be the enormous Tiger head, taken from the throne of Tipu Sultan, Ruler of the Kingdom of Mysome, India. Made with an inner wooden core and layered with sparkling gold sheet and crystal eyes and teeth, it is truly a striking piece of golden art.

The exhibition is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. Although lacking in jewellery (which the SWJ team was a little sad about), it is definitely informative and inspiring.


Tigers head, from the throne of Tipu Sultan


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