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Sapphire and Diamond Engagement

We are here to cheer you up on this dreary Monday with the news of a new engagement! SWJ recently made this classic diamond and sapphire engagement ring for two of our customers and they have shared the photographs with us so we could show you all! Congratulations!

Have a wonderful Monday everyone.


sapphire and diamond engagement01

Three stone engagement.

We received a photograph this morning from two of our recent customers who commissioned SWJ to make this beautifully classic three diamond ring. Thank you so much for keeping us updated. Congratulations!

Three stone engagement

SWJ wedding and engagement rings.

Again we have been sent some more stunning photos of both engagement and wedding rings made by Simon Wright Jewellery from our lovely customers. It really is a pleasure being able to see the rings on the hands they were crafted for. Congratulations!! Keep them coming.
SWJ wedding and engagement rings.

An engagement in Japan.

We love receiving beautiful photos of the rings we have made from happy customers. This was a very special engagement in Japan, just in time for the gorgeous cherry blossoms…we thought we should share it with you all. A huge congratulations from the SWJ team!!

Diamond and sapphire engagement ring.

Diamond and sapphire engagement ring.