Engagement Rings to Please That Special Someone

When you’re faced with the choice of numerous engagement rings London, you may feel like you have a daunting challenge in front of you, as you need to ensure you choose the right one to please that someone special in your life. But with the stunning jewellery that we at Simon Wright Jewellery supply, you can be confident of finding something suitable. As a master craftsman, Simon prides himself on the quality of each piece, and will work with you to truly transform your dreams and ideas into reality.

Simon has been mastering the art of creating striking pieces of jewellery for years and this experience means that he can provide you with a truly bespoke service using the skills that he holds at his fingertips. With a keen eye for detail and a love for the profession, Simon has a passion like no other. Why choose to purchase your engagement ring from the high street when you can come to Simon Wright Jewellery and have a bespoke piece made from a true craftsman?

From an initial meeting with Simon, you will start to see this master at work. Using his creativity and passion, he will begin by designing an initial idea for you; either hand sketched, using computer design packages or making models in wax. As a result, you will start to see your finished product coming together. The process then moves to the production, where Simon is an expert in a variety of jewellery making techniques both traditional and using up-to-date CADCAM technology. Whichever way your piece is created, you can be confident that it will of a quality fit for royalty.

With a commitment to a personal service, Simon Wright Jewellery is the ideal place to visit if you’re looking for truly unique and fine quality engagement rings London.

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