Edwardian Style Hair Clip

We love making vintage reproductions. We are usually faced with designing vintage inspired engagement rings or jewellery but this time we had the challenge of making an Edwardian style hair clip.  Our customers came to us with inspiration from an antique shop however, you may ask, why didn’t they buy an antique piece instead? Important factors with antique pieces is how well a piece has been looked after, are the claws sturdy? Are any stones chipped or missing? Has metal been worn away? This is were vintage reproductions come in, taking the best of antique styling and design, and combining  it with modern technology and materials.

Here we have used pink sapphires alternating with white diamonds, including small diamonds set into each corner as well as subtle vintage detailing with the metal. We were really pleased as to how this clip turned out, it is always exciting taking on a challenge of making something new!


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