Diamond Quality

When you are looking for a diamond ring the thing that most people want to talk about, other than the design, are “The Four C’s”.

Carat. Colour. Clarity. Cut.

All of these are important properties of the diamonds, however, on a diamond certificate there are some things that are rarely, if ever, mentioned. These things change the value of a diamond and can only be appreciated when you see the diamond.

Colour tinge, sometimes called an undertone (not the band…Teenage Kicks, great song!) is one of these properties that will change how a diamond appears. A grey or brownish tinge can make the diamond look darker.

“Milkyness” is a lack of lustre in the stone. The stone will look slightly dull without the brilliance and translucency that is attractive in a diamond. It is commonly caused by fluorescence, but a colour tinge can also sometimes cause it.

The simple answer, is to view the diamonds you are looking to purchase. We have seen some lovely diamonds purchased online…but we have also seen some horrors!

We select the stones that we show you carefully, so we are happy with the quality and value we are offering.

More information on diamonds can be found here and here.

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