Custom Designed Engagement Rings London

Engagement Rings LondonFrom the introduction of gemstones in the Renaissance period, through to the vibrant colours and shapes of the Art Nouveau era which originated in the 1890’s, each piece of jewellery reflects a specific time in history. If you feel like stepping away from modern designs in favour of a more historical piece, then Clerkenwell based designer, Simon Wright, may be able to help. Specialising in custom made jewellery, wedding rings and engagement rings London, Simon is able to expertly retain and renew the beauty and craftsmanship of these earlier designs by remodelling them into newer, even more beautiful pieces.

It’s common for a wedding or engagement ring to be passed down throughout generations, thus becoming a treasured family heirloom. Over the years, time will inevitably begin to take its toll on these pieces, so instead of pushing them to the back of a cupboard only to be forgotten about, why not consider retaining the sentiment by choosing to have your ring remodelled into a new and exciting piece to pass on for many more generations to come?

If you have a family ring which you would love to pass onto your husband or wife-to-be, Simon Wright is able to carefully craft it to your own specifications to give it a new lease of life and extra special touch of individuality. Or perhaps you instead wish to have a new ring which recreates the style of a particular era? With a great portfolio of antique reproductions behind him, Simon is able to design and make unique rings which stay true to the origins and beauty of your chosen era.

Bring the beauty, history and authenticity of antique rings into the modern age, with boutique designer jewellery from Simon Wright. To find out more about the high quality engagement rings London can enjoy courtesy of custom jewellery designers, contact Simon today on 07747180322.

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