Boating Pool


I bought a pair of rutilated quartz stones not that long ago with the intent to make a friend some cufflinks. I was not sure what I was going to do with them until I spent a sunny Easter Friday down on Margate beach.

There is an old “boating pool” right on the beach. I don’t know what kind of boats go in there, but I suspect it’s really a bathing pool. The smooth mirror-like sheet of water contained within the square border of concrete walls, with a cascade of overflow water spilling out of holes in the sides immediately made me think of my cufflink project.

A few photos, some sketches and then I was away.

I’m quite proud of these, as it’s one of those rare times when it’s an example of almost “pure design” – direct influence from an outside, unrelated source.

Here are some pictures from the day out, the unset stones and then the finished cufflinks. I hope you will agree that they are lovely and reflect the boating pool down on Margate beach.

– Simon



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