A Trip to Belgium

Back in January I travelled to Belgium to see some suppliers, as well as visit the fantastic Het Atelier in Aarschot just outside of Brussels. Het Atelier is the workshop and studio of renowned sculptor Roland Rens that was converted into a cafe by his wife after he passed away.

I had heard about this from my long time friends Greet and Chal. They were not wrong when they said I would love it!

I got to the cafe a bit late in the day, but this meant I was lucky enough to meet Mrs Rens, and I had a good chat with her about the place and what it used to be like. One of the local town councillors then showed me around the exhibition spaces upstairs as well as the workshop. I was also lucky enough to get a preview of the Dany Tulkens exhibition.

The workshop had been left untouched since Ren’s death, so it was of great interest to me. He used precisely the same casting process that I make use of – the lost wax casting method.

The local brew from Wolf Brewery was excellent too, you can find it here.






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