A Sense of Jewellery – Rediscovering British jewellery design

A Sense Of Jewellery was a small exhibition held at the Goldsmiths Centre, which explored the evolution of British jewellery design and the art forms which have been created. Each piece in the exhibition showed various materials that have been challenged, explored and experimented with.

The exhibition showed similar ideas made decades apart which used different techniques to create a similar product.

This is clearly shown in…

john donald

John Donald, brooch 1963

All the cubes were cut from square wire and individually soldered together.


Jo Hayes Ward, brooch 2011

Exploring the aesthetic potential of forms and surfaces only made possible through CAD.

It is fascinating to compare how processes of jewellery making have changed over the years and how they are still being experimented with, with modern pieces drawing influence from past techniques. This small but intriguing exhibition was defiantly worth a visit.


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