5 Ways to Truly Personalise Your Wedding

Personalising your wedding not only allows you to attain an inimitable celebration, but is also a perfect way to let your guests know and admire your true individuality. To help you out, we at Simon Wright Jewellery are glad to offer you 5 smart tips on how you can give your wedding day a personal touch and make it memorable.

1. Design Personalised Invitation Cards

Your invitations play an important role in creating the first glimpse into the tone, vibe and the style of your wedding. With this in mind, as you design your invitation cards, think beyond the paper and colour palette. Including a line or lines of your favourite poem can do wonders in setting the stage for a personal and romantic affair, whilst you could also go a step further by including a personalised map or image of your wedding venue.

2. Engrave Your Wedding Ring

Having a name or a meaningful symbol engraved inside your wedding ring will allow you to create a simply unforgettable celebration. At Simon Wright Jewellery, it is our responsibility to craft your bespoke wedding ring just the way you want it by using a combination of traditional and contemporary techniques. Our bespoke designs are not only beautiful and fashionable, but also very affordable.

3. Customise Your Wedding Favours

Giving out personalised wedding favours at the end of your wedding celebration will be really appreciated by your guests. So, instead of regular candles, key chains or photo frames, consider putting your initials, names or wedding details on the wedding favours. This makes your favours unique compared to ordinary items bought from the gift stores and distributed to the guests.

4. Get Married at Your Favourite Place

You and your sweetheart might have gone to a place and fell in love with it. Going back to that place and tying the knot there is a sure fire way of making your wedding exclusive. Your wedding will be full of fun because it will feel like a holiday with jovial family, friends and relatives, and will allow your guests to visit a new place and give them the opportunity to break from their busy lives for the day.

5. Exclusive Menu Items

Your wedding menu should include local dishes that are loved by you and your guests. It can be a great idea for you to ask family members or friends known for their good cooking skills to prepare the meals on that special day.

Here at Simon Wright Jewellery we help couples to create their dream engagement rings and wedding rings from scratch, so that they end up with a truly personalised result that can pass down through their family for generations to come.

To find out more about a bespoke wedding ring of your own, take a look around our website and call us today on 020 7490 0665 with any questions you may have.

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