5 Things to Consider When Purchasing Your Wedding Rings

A wedding is a momentous and joyous occasion. Before the actual wedding ceremony, a couple has to make umpteen arrangements, and one of them is purchasing the wedding rings. We, at Simon Wright Jewellery, have developed a list of 5 things that any couple intending to get married should consider when purchasing their wedding rings.

1. Choose the Right Metal

This will be one piece of jewellery that you will buy together and wear it forever so take your time to select the right metal. You can get wedding rings in white or yellow gold, plus a number of other metals to suit your personal preference. Today, it also is possible to get a mix of both white and yellow gold or, if you want, you can also pick up matching wedding rings in platinum.

2. Consider Gemstones

Those days when men and women wore simple gold or silver bands to show their marital status have long gone. Today, just like engagement rings, even wedding rings can be embellished with precious stones, such as diamonds, rubies and emeralds. Diamonds are the most commonly used gemstones in wedding rings, and are flushed into the band to give it a smooth and elegant look.

3. Choose the Right Size

At Simon Wright Jewellery we often get people complaining about their fingers swelling up and the inconvenience of wearing their wedding rings. We can help ensure you purchase a ring that is perfectly sized for your finger so you can still get it on and off easily however don’t run the risk of it slipping off unbeknownst to you.

4. Lay Emphasis on Quality

It is important to check the quality of the ring. Look at the inside of the ring and you should be able to see some markings that represent the mineral content, manufacturer’s trademark and the sponsor symbol. If you do not understand them, we would be glad to explain them to you.

5. Personalise Your Wedding Rings

It is possible to personalise your wedding rings with engraving, inscriptions of your name and date of wedding. We at Simon Wright Jewellery can personalise your wedding rings or create bespoke wedding rings to ensure that your special day always stays special. Just let us know what you want engraved or inscribed and we will do it for you, so that you can carry the sentiments and feelings with you always.

Contact Simon Wright Jewellery for your bespoke wedding rings in gold or platinum. We can create exquisite-looking bands that are created in our workshop with a lot of care, attention and effort.

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